Monday, June 22, 2009

All right Bierfeldt!

It's not often that I say things positive regarding Ron Paul folks, not because of any real antipathy to them but because I dislike the anti-environmentalism and fiscal libertarianism of the group, but this staffer has my admiration:

From RawStory:

"Steven Bierfeldt is the director of development for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty. He was carrying a cashbox with about $4700 from the sale of T-shirts and other political items at an event last March when airport officials in St. Louis, MO spotted the money and demanded to know its source. The 25 year old Bierfeldt declined to answer and set his iPhone to record as he was taken to another room for further questioning.

In the recording, a TSA officer can be heard repeatedly asking, “Why do you have this money” and Bierfeldt repeatedly responding, “I’m asking whether I’m legally required to answer that question.”

An exasperated official finally exclaims, “I’m just trying to ask some questions to figure out what all this is about so I can get you on your plane. But you want to play smartass, and I’m not going to play your fucking game.” "

He's hitting the TSA neanderthals where it hurts. I love, love, love, that what he was asking was if he was legally required to answer the question, with the presumption being that if he was he gladly would have, and that this is what pissed off the TSA agent to no end. If the agent in question had been a police officer he would be toast right now, but because the Transportation Safety Administration is a weird product of the Bush administration, basic things like Miranda warnings and at least a pretense of respect don't apply.

*on edit: thinking it over, I've decided that the comparison of TSA workers to Neanderthals was unfair; Neanderthals actually seem to have had an interesting and sophisticated culture.

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