Tuesday, June 09, 2009

And speaking up for the pro-rape camp.....Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham

Who are threatening to shut down the Senate unless it passes their bill banning the release of further detainee abuse photos.

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Kevin Carson said...

Well, what have we got so far?

1) plausible-sounding rumors that the suppressed photos include images of young boys being raped by U.S. soldiers and begging God to let them die; and

2) a virtual admission by the American president that the images show American troops doing such horrifying things it would inflame the entire world and provoke violence on a massive scale.

So what more do they need? It seems to me that anyone who would be motivated to violence by the subject matter of the suppressed photos already has more than sufficient cause, from what is already known, to just ASSUME the worst they can possibly imagine.