Sunday, June 28, 2009

Artopia: good for a street fair

I went, I saw, I got lost in Georgetown trying to find my car, I left. As something devoted to promoting family and not so family fun it worked. It would have been nicer if there was actually more art in the Artopia, though, and in general less grimy crust punks hanging around. With that said, understanding that it was fun if not the most up there festival, let me turn to Georgetown itself.

Georgetown is a postage stamp sized neighborhood in southwest Seattle where there's an artistic colony of folks and where there are always rumors that "something is going to happen there", artistically, that's going to revolutionize things. The only problem is that the hip arty colonists living there are virtually indistinguishable from similar folks living in Austin Texas, for instance, or in smaller counter culture neighborhoods in places all across the country. Shit, go down sixty miles to Olympia and you have a whole town devoted to this stuff, although maybe not as grimy. If they're going to revolutionize things there it would help if they actually acted and did stuff that was different than what thousands of people are doing across the country. Me, I'm sick of seeing folks like this think of themselves as the be all and end all of avant-gardeness, and so by this point I usually tune out folks who are doing this if they're not obviously contributing something new to it all.

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