Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Death of Mr. Lazerscu, movie

I'm kind of perplexed about how exactly the people who made up the packaging classified it as a comedy. The film is about an old man with acute health problems who tries to get help, goes to a bunch of different hospitals aided by some compassionate paramedics, and finally, presumably, dies. I'm sure that it could have been told in a comedic form, with the inanity of health care systems seemingly the world over, or at least in Romania and in the United States, being the but of the joke, but there aren't obvious jokes or even anything entertaining in a comedic way after the first part of the movie. After he's sent on from the first hospital, where the doctor is extraordinarily cruel and heartless to him, with no comedic redemption present at all, it's no comedy.

As a dramatic film it's very good, and very realistic, chronicling arrogance on the part of doctors and frustration by patients over having their complaints dismissed. But it isn't a comedy.

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