Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The dramatic sense of life

The title of this is a takeoff from "The Tragic Sense of Life" by Unamuno. There's the concept of the eternal return, or some kind of variation on it from Nietzsche that's out there. The rough situations that we experience have been experienced by others before us and will be experienced by others after us, although the particulars change, and some situations are probably less likely than others in general. All of life's a stage and the play's the thing, and we are all players, living at once in eternity and in the present moment at the same time.The drama that we live in may be changeable, not pointless, and the play in general can be changed to reflect a better story, but on a fundamental level we can picture ourselves as all wearing particular masks and fulfilling particular roles, either chosen by us or thrust onto us, that we've happened upon. When we die someone in some time will come who resembles us in terms of character of personality, likes, dislikes, and will possibly play a similar role to what we did, and even if that doesn't happen the same relationships, some of the same stories, but not all of them, will recur and people associated with them will play their roles once again.

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