Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeling the Hate in Israel...Max Blumenthal's video of Israeli and American youth in Israel before Obama's Cairo address

You can get a link to the whole thing by scrolling down a few posts. It's one where I wrote that it nearly drove me to the brink of tears---of joy--that an American President actually said those things.

So, here we have the youth. I should say before hand that I spent a week in Vienna about, shit, it must have been six years ago now, and although it was supposedly the belly of the beast because Jorg Haider had taken up residence in the Parliament, the only racism I saw in Vienna, which is both cosmopolitan and has a large community of African street peddlers, was from a couple of Israeli youth. Encountering them while waiting for the subway one night, I finally figured out, despite not speaking Hebrew, that they were talking about the street sellers, and then one of them burst out into a classic "Step'an Fetchit" Jim Crow dance, I shit you not, complete with exaggerated movements, to illustrate his point.

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