Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's break the stranglehold on American culture that Bush established wide open

This is something that should have been coming for a long time. Whatever else you may say about them, the Clinton years were relatively free with regards to cultural innovation and information exchange; the only thing was that for long periods of time not a lot of either happened. During the Bush years, somewhat from the start but mostly from 9/11 on, the clamp came down on U.S. culture, with vitality slowly melting away with the replacement of a free exchange of ideas with a day to day, week to week, waiting to see what Bush and conservatives would do next. Along with that came the excruciating revelations of scandal after scandal and the held breath waiting for something to come of them, and the realization after a while that nothing probably would come of them, which made the waiting around seeing what the Bush administration would do next even more disillusioning.

But now Obama is in office, and that monotonous drive to who knows where should be over, yet we're still doing it. It's like the media is waiting for a final revelation, some sort of sign in the sky to tell them what to do, while in the past the media functioned by, well, investigating stuff and reporting on stuff. Now that Ari Fleischer and company aren't spoon feeding the important news to the media they seem to be at loose ends. So in consequence we have the impoverishment of information, and of culture as a result of it, that existed during the Bush administration, but no Bush. We've contracted, but there's no reason for it anymore.

Instead of this hiding ourselves away I propose that we should break American culture wide open, destroy the stasis and essentially define what the future of the U.S.' culture will be by the promotion of our artistic, political, philosophical, cultural, products. There's lots of stuff that's been gestating under the surface during the Bush interlude, and now it's time to take it above ground.

The U.S. media is playing an end game with no end in sight. If things had gone according to plan with Bush world we'd be living in a Fascist state with the media being lovingly subservient to the rulers, but somewhere along the line things changed and people threw that sort of conservatism overboard. But the media doesn't want to admit that it was wrong, and that it was just a slave to power, shining the shoes of the Bush administration and not putting critical stories forward. It maintains the siege mentality in order to save its own skin, which has been thoroughly discredited by all of its behavior. We need to reintroduce history, we need to reintroduce a direction to the dialectic governing where the country will go next; we need to cut the Gordian knot of nothingness and reintroduce positive content to the world around us.

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