Monday, June 29, 2009

"Nollywood Babylon", neat film

It's a documentary from Canada about the Nigerian film industry, centered in Lagos, which is the third biggest one in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood. The films are all released on DVD, or Video Disc possibly, which is the same thing but on a CD, and sold at markets instead of appearing in theaters. They follow a director around on a shoot, go through some of the history, interview some of the veterans of the scene, and give a sampling of films that are released. I thought it was a really good film. The only disturbing thing that I saw was the influence of fundamentalist Christianity on the film makers and on the film industry. This is bad because non-Christian, traditional African, beliefs are portrayed as backwards and as having to do with witchcraft and other bad activities. As someone who follows a pagan, non-Christian, path it deeply offended me to think that traditional beliefs could possibly be cut down in Nigeria because of the fundamentalist influence over the film industry there. Fundamentalist Christianity is the white religion, the religion of American colonialism.

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