Tuesday, June 02, 2009


While I don't believe that there was ever a golden age where matriarchy ruled and that was displaced by patriarchal forms of government, culture, etc...I do believe that in simpler societies there was much more of a chance that matriarchal forms of social organization could take root and gain power. This presence of matriarchal features persisted into fairly late times, to Greek and Roman times as well as of course the times of the Celtic flourishing. Goddesses were worshipped and women had more status as being images of divinity, along with men. Christianity, on the other hand, destroyed much of that culture and is probably responsible for more oppression of women than simple economics would suggest. Christianity was adopted by the Empire, and then vulgar barbarians took up its standard.

Christianity imposed a woman hating monotheism on cultures that were previously accepting, labeling women inferior and goddesses as being simply decadent perversions. The idea of the whore as a woman who showed personal power and initiative rose during this time. Eve was created from Adam's rib and was therefore meant to be his servant. Eve offered temptation to Adam, and in response God cast them both out of the garden, teaching them the lesson that Adam and man should rule over women.

Christianity shut down the temples, Christianity put women permanently in the home, Christianity made much of Europe a man's world where previously there were opportunities to advancement.

Far be it from me to suggest anything to people of other genders, but if we really want to get ourselves free we should throw the Nazarene over board and come back to pre-Christian ways of viewing society.....however, not necessarily to paganism in a theistic sense, just as a social philosophy.

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