Monday, June 15, 2009

Ten Bourgeois Escapist Things you can do to stimulate your conscience

Actually title "Ten things you can do to stimulate the economy" from The Nation. The title sounds good, but what are the suggestions? Buy organic food.

" 8 As a consumer, purchase products from good companies. Buy from local businesses that build stronger communities, or from socially responsible businesses that have a smaller carbon footprint, that sell products like organic or fair- trade foods--which are healthier and better for the environment--or that maintain a better work environment for their employees. Look for social enterprises that provide products and jobs to people and communities in need. Go to Business Alliance for Local Living Economies for some examples."

And this:

" 5 If you have a financial adviser, ask her how she measures the social return on your investments. Tell her you want to make money and make a difference. If you don't get a good answer, change to a socially responsible investment professional. Click here for a listing. Download "Top 10 Questions," for more information."

This shit is ineffectual in actually changing society so that folks who are laid off, mostly working class folks, actually have a chance at a good life. Instead, it's designed to make pseudo-hippies living in places like Burlington Vermont feel good about themselves by shopping at their co-ops. While this stuff might make sense in places like that, people in Youngstown Ohio, for example, are likely to not be as sympathetic to these suggestions. Of course, steel workers all have financial advisors, and folks who are on the brink of receiving public assistance have lots of money to buy organic food.

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