Monday, June 01, 2009

TIller and Terrorism

Raw Story has reported that a man has been arrested for shooting up an army recruiting center, and has been charged with 15 counts of terrorism for it. I wonder if the police will be so generous with Tiller's killer. Terrorism, as the U.S. government has recently defined it, is the use of force to influence government policy, and presumably the actions of other groups, social, cultural, political. By this definition Tiller's killing and much of the violent anti-abortion acts that have taken place are most definitely terrorism. Their aim is to get doctors from offering abortions by sending the message that if you do so you may be killed. It's been effective, too, in that many many rural states have no one in their boundaries who will perform an abortion.

Not only that but the anti-abortion intimidation is organized and planned. There are specific websites outlining who the doctors are who perform abortions, where they work, and where they live. The military recruiting case, by contrast, may very possibly turn out to be the work of a lone nut. Not so in the case of Tiller, probably.

While the U.S. government is scrutinizing message boards having to do with Islam the organizing of militant anti-abortion groups goes on completely unchecked. The reason is that these are God fearing rural white hicks. Not scary brown skinned people.

I mean, if you can't trust white trash who can you trust?

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