Friday, June 12, 2009

Uighurs in Bermuda: America's shame

Here. Seems like things like this are still coming. The shame of the Uighurs and Bermuda is that these are people who were picked up in Afghanistan in the wake of the U.S. invasion who were not part of Al Qaeda, were not particularly anti-U.S., but who were instead separatists for their region of Xinjiang in China....and also Muslims. They posed no threat to the U.S. but were kept at Guantanamo Bay without being charged for a crime for years. Then, they were cleared for release because of all of this but were still kept prisoner. The U.S. has claimed that there isn't a country that will take them, however it was proposed that the U.S. itself take them in, a bill was passed to that effect, and then the program was defunded by people in Congress who felt that they posed security risks, even though the FBI has said that they are not. So, instead of taking them in we're releasing them to places like Bermuda, obscure island nations. Palau, which is a former Pacific colony of the U.S., seized during World War II, is another place that they'll likely end up.

False imprisonment without being charge for years, very likely that they were repeatedly tortured during those years, then cleared but still imprisoned, then proposed to be released into the U.S. only to be undercut by rednecks in Congress representing the Glenn Beck are of the political spectrum. Are we going to break their arms on their way out as a parting gift, too?

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