Monday, June 01, 2009

The use of the phrase "White Trash" in the previous article and how it's justified

I think it's justified, and the reason I think so is that we as a nation have regular discussions about things like black youth and violent crime, about kids who dress in Starter jackets and the like that may or may not have gang significance, yet you can be the most ignorant, inbred, hillbilly backwoods cracker moron and no one will suggest that you may be a social problem. I say, if we're going to dwell on one group of people possibly being criminal and possibly being some sort of a threat to society let's open it up to all groups. Talk about the fact that it doesn't matter if you're dumb as a stump and spend most of your time trying to scam your way into doing no work and getting paid for it, that if you're white and a fervent Christian you'll get a pass while folks on the other side are called welfare cheats. Or, lets talk about the idea that our God fearing white Christian men and women for the country are supposedly the salt of the earth, the backbone to our society, even if they're functionally illiterate and believe that Saddam Hussein was the Anti-Christ and that the Rapture is imminent.

The fact is, the people who the military and the Republican Party think are the foundation of this country are the embarrassment of this country, and are an embarrassment to the United States on the world scene as well.

So....if black kids are fair game for criticism, let's open it up to the slack jawed crackers and see what we can find.

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