Friday, July 10, 2009

The 'black mob' in Akron

Although it's being framed in racial terms, you know the thing about a few people being reportedly attacked by a 'mob' of fifty people is that it's most likely a gross oversimplification of what happened. Fifty people don't just randomly assemble and go walking through the streets looking to beat people up, and isolated victims are rarely really that isolated. And folks who (reportedly) say 'it's a black world' are most likely meaning something along the lines of 'get out of my neighborhood', with a rhetorical flourish.

Maybe writers on the Right have never actually encountered black people and so aren't aware that many of them do not like white people, even you, no matter who you are. This is their right, and an understandable feeling based on the history of slavery, racism, and segregation that we have in this country. Most people who live in urban areas, including white-landia Seattle, know that lots of black folks may not like them, accept it, and try not to step on people's toes or to go to neighborhoods and areas where they're not wanted.

"It's a black world", fourth of July speech celebrating Obama's winning? Sure, and if unprovoked violence happened to those people I feel sorry for them, but this wasn't the secret signal for the start of a race war, unless right wing commentators and their allies turn it into one.

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