Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brüno, eh. Disappointing, but for a good reason.

The reason being that despite all of the homophobia that's out there it appears that Sacha Baron Cohen had to search really hard for folks who would give the sort of response that he wanted. A lot of it seemed forced, and a lot of the second half apparently took place in rural Alabama, where he had to do things like try to get into the tents of the members of the hunting group he was with in order for them to really let it fly. The part with the toilet brush harness is another example of it: Bruno and his assistant were chained to each other in an elaborate BDSM harness with lots of straps and chains, with his partner having the brush on. The joke was that they were chained together but he had lost the key, so they called room service to help out, and they predictably freaked out, which was made even worse by their statements to them after they were there. The scene didn't even appear to really be anti-BDSM, just a transgression of common sense.

An example of how it came out forced is the scene at the swingers' party, that happened when Bruno was trying to be straight, which likewise looked like it took place in the rural deep south. First, he tried hitting on the guys while they were actually having lots of kinky sexy, keeping it up until they got pissed off. Then, one of the people there literally dragged Bruno into a room, stripped him, and ordered him to have sex with her, and when he refused disciplined him with a belt, over and over. Assuming that the scene wasn't staged, this would indicate that, indeed, there wasn't much discrimination against Bruno if he was there to do what the party was about. Which is probably an understatement.

In general, the beginning was strong, with funny sex scenes and cringe inducing portrayals of Bruno in his natural habitat, but it petered out about a third of the way through. Those scenes kind of carried it, or at least made it so that it wasn't mind numbingly boring. I mean, who can argue with a focus group scene where the people have to review a pilot show by Bruno that features him mostly dancing, with the last scene being nothing else than him swinging his dick around...and ending with his dick facing the camera and his dick hole mouthing "Bruno". And the show featuring a review of Brittany Spears' sister's fetus ending with a verdict that she should abort it.

But I digress.

Not offensive, just kind of pointless.

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