Friday, July 24, 2009

Ichi the killer

Funny movie. Not as violent as I thought it was going to be. Standard story: Japanese mafia, an unknown brutal killer, guy turns out to be an introverted nutcase, love, murder, not a lot of sex, revenge. I'm surprised that some people have been freaked out by it; the really violent scenes are all done in a campy way that's not realistic. This is because the main way that Ichi the killer kills people is through blades attached to his feet that split people in half and take body parts off so cleanly that the people themselves don't know what's happened until they've split in two's not portrayed realistically. Entertaining, but at the end I want to know more about Ichi: who he is, where he comes from? As it is, the movie gives us some tantalizing clues but leaves us hanging. No pun intended.

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