Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"In every casa branca do 'Danube Azul"

Start of Gilberto Gil's song "Chuck Berry Fields Forever", explaining the birth of rock and roll and what things were like before hand. The English/Portuguese phrase means "In every white household was the 'Blue Danube'" English from Eletrac├║stico

"From Africa to both Americas, North and Latin, a jungle drum was brought and got the white god to get in. A pagan dance until he had the other chance, unless to sin, a black and white, day and night, solely by magic. The European goddess fainted on the jungle drum sound, she spiritualized it back to Afro-god while on the ground, so, the begotten sons of Samba, Mambo, Rhumba, Rhythm and Blues, became the ancestors of what today we call rock 'n' roll. Rock and roll is magic, rock and roll is mixture, chuck berry fields forever, the joyful English four knights of the post-calypso, in the post-calypso age rock 'n' roll the opening page. What is to come next? We don't know the text, no one knows precisely. It's onto progress in the west frontier in the next century."

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