Friday, July 10, 2009

Seattle is coming back.

Although people won't admit it easily, it's common knowledge that since the crest of '90s X-er culture Seattle has been in a decline with relation to interesting movements going on. For a while, Portland seemed to be the in, happening place. Now though, I feel that the groundwork is being set for a Seattle resurgence. The explanation is generational: the X-ers are fading into the woodwork and a group of people is coming up who weren't part of that culture who also feel confident in putting their own ideas forward instead of just parroting the older, 'cooler', kids. I can see it happening in front of me, although it may not be obvious to people outside of the city. The new generation, by which I mean folks in their '20s and not simply ultra-young people, is coming up here and will be establishing their place soon.

So no need to go to Portland to get in touch with the zeitgeist. In fact, I'd say that Portland is spending itself out, with the sort of hippy/crunchy alternativeness stuff sort of getting old. One person I talked to a while ago put it something like this, that in Portland you can go to yet another play or performance involving fire and people fucking on stage that your friends are putting on, but in the end where's any of it going? What does it all add up to, in other words, beyond another transgressive/hip assault on the system, which, if you're doing it all the time and you're getting polite reviews, doesn't seem like much of an assault on the system anymore.

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