Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things that make you suspicious

While eating lunch at a 24-hour diner in Seattle that shall remain nameless, but whose name begins with a 'B' I noticed something really peculiar. At the table next to mine there were two African-American women who ordered at exactly the same time I did. I got my food fast, but noticed time and time going by without them getting theirs. The waitress made trip after trip to another room with food, but did not bring them theirs until I was one bite away from being done with my lunch. Now, allowing for complexity in a kitchen, and even allowing for the fact that my order was less complex than theirs, it still struck me as awfully odd that the order of orders delivered went in the way it did. My thinking is that stuff happening in the kitchen is often an excuse used to cover up racism. And the place has a harder edged biker atmosphere...

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