Thursday, July 02, 2009

VNV Nation concert Seattle

I thoroughly enjoyed it. They put on a great show. During it, the lead singer was joking around with the crowd, being upbeat and happy for an Industrial artist, and just nailing point after point about online culture, about different subculture features, and I was wondering to myself "How is he doing it"? Then they mentioned that they're from Ireland and it suddenly made sense: they're in the Anglosphere, even though the U.S. isn't part of the British Commonwealth. They most likely know us better than we know ourselves, which is how he was able to nail all of our foibles. It was very good. Wanted to shout out at the end "United Ireland!" but I wasn't sure how well that would go over, or if the other people there would just get pissed off at me.

I came in late and missed most of Ayria, the first opening act, but from what I heard she was pretty good. The second opening act though, and they shall remain nameless, was something else. They weren't an Industrial band at all but were a standard two guitars, one bass, one drummer alterna-pop L.A. pseudo-Bad Religion take off. I didn't come to the VNV Nation concert to hear that. If I wanted that I would have gone to that kind of show. I mean, one of the people in it was wearing a sweater vest and the singer was trying to act like Jim Morrison, even though, well...But besides them, it was a good one.

*on edit: My suspicion is that a promoter lined up the opening acts and not VNV Nation itself.


Krazykaveman said...

Yeah Ayria was totally awesome and War Tapes sucked ass and just kept using Ayria and VNV Nation as a plug to get free cheers.

Other than war tapes, VNV Nation concert was the ub3r pwnage!!! I can't believe Ronan was able to put on such a performance even with his leg injury.

Anonymous said...

I saw VNV here in Toronto and I agree with your comments. VNV was wonderful (love Ronan's comments), they have a big fan base here as they began as a band in Toronto.

Ayria (another Toronto act) was energetic and fun as usual.

War Tapes did'nt really fit in the bill and their amps were turned up so high that many people were covering their ears. I heard several shouts of "get off the stage" and the only time they got cheers were when they mentioned VNV (which got tiresome.)