Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wow, the creativity of the computer class: the Force Quit Won't Work threads

I'm having this problem on my Mac, which is that Force Quit will not quit applications. The applications disappear but cannot be restarted without restarting the entire computer. This rather sucks when you're working on a long document and suddenly Microsoft Word freezes, can't be force quitted, and can't be restarted without restarting the whole computer. But the kicker is the response of the Mac community to the many complaints that this is happening with folks: instead of asking what was going on when the applications froze up and wouldn't force quit, the standard responses are a) use the command line function 'kill' to stop them, and b) when kill doesn't work accuse the person of just having a messed up system whose problems have absolutely nothing to do with Apple software then go on a rant about how Leopard is the best thing that could ever happen to computing and how it never causes problems.

Well folks, when it comes to solving problems that have non-obvious solutions you fail. So much for the vaunted creative powers of the computer class.

*and just to prove the point, my copy of Microsoft Word just froze up as I was trying to save a copy of this entry. Thanks Apple!

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