Tuesday, August 18, 2009

...and Democracy works unless we decide it doesn't: the U.S. opposing Iraqi plebiscite to kick the troops out

Here, from the ever obliging Washington Post. The basic story is that an all Iraq referendum is going to be held determining if the troops should go faster or stay for a while, and the U.S. government opposes it....because they feel that if they withdraw there'll be chaos. But that's not their call to make. It's the Iraqi people, which includes the Kurds and the Sunnis that the U.S. government says that it now has to protect against the central government, which it didn't seem to have a problem with before, that rightfully have the power to decide this. Expect propaganda about how the Iraqi government, which conservative U.S. lawmakers lionized through painting their fingers purple in praise of the voting verification device used in Iraq, is a tyranny, something that somehow justifies us staying in a country that is not ours and that we are illegally occupying.

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