Friday, August 28, 2009

Art, and complications from it if you're a writer

I'm doing a lot of visual art now, and it's a very strange thing in that I can't really talk about it on this website. It's not that I'm unable to, but rather that part of the game or the show is not banking yourself on some sort of notoriety or familiarity that comes from another part of your life. Most websites that artists have to showcase their work don't have a picture of them on it, and their biographies that they provide are usually very brief, unless they've had show after show. The reason for this is that they want their work to be evaluated based on how their work looks, not how they look or on what cool stuff they've done in the past. There's usually only very, very, brief statements about the works themselves, if they're there at all. I can tell you a story, make myself into a figure that's cool, explain how my art fits into all sorts of world historical and cosmic patterns and is the best thing ever to hit the art world, but it doesn't change the essential nature of the work. If the work is crap, the work is crap, and all of that window dressing is just that: potentially tarting up a turd to look like something it's not. Therefore, while I would love to talk about art and art in general, and what I'm doing with it, it's sort of not a good thing because that would turn into being impressed with my writing about the art I make rather than with the art itself.

So a wall has to be built. I may talk about aesthetics and about my personal take on them, but I can't use this site to promote my artwork; it would be dishonest and cheap, and if some people fell for it originally the whole thing would come out in the wash in the end as more sober observers made their evaluations of all of it.

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