Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bylines of western media in Israel

Reading a good article by Jonathan Cook on Counterpunch, I remembered how rare it is for there to be an article in an American paper about Israel written by someone who doesn't have an obviously Jewish surname. It's always struck me to be, ahem, somewhat of a conflict of interest, but I guess is regarded as being as normal as possible by editors. I mean, who better to report on suicide bombers killing Jews and Jews killing Palestinians than Jews themselves. I mean, sure, they probably aren't formal Israeli citizens, but of course living in Israel shouldn't effect them any more than it would effect someone from New Zealand, right?

*on edit: here's a response to preemptive criticism. You know from the below post that I'm reading a book on Nazi Germany right now, right? Quite honestly, I don't think that pointing out a conflict of interest like this constitutes anti-semitism.

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