Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Confirmation on a joke/observation about hipster behavior

From here in Seattle. The joking observation in question was made by a cartoonist who said that hipsters tend to believe that anything from their childhood is cool, despite its actual worth. Another comment made by another cartoonist, Ruben Bolling in this case, was that people think that any music they heard when they were twelve is the best music ever made. Well, had coffee at a very hip and very good coffee shop on Capitol Hill that I go to a lot, that shall remain nameless. Last time I was there they played an entire Steve Miller Band album on their sound system. This time I heard "Pour some sugar on me" by Def Lepard. Wasn't a fluke. Instead of finding truly talented albeit obscure bands and musicians like Nick Drake the hipsters in question have seemed to have turned to utter shit that they happened to hear on the car radio when they were little kids. Steve Miller Band makes me want to off myself because of its fucking overplayed fraternity rock psychedelicism. No one in that age old time called the '90s thought that these folks were cool; instead, they formed part of the heavy rotation 'Classic Rock' schlock that people avoid both then and now like the plague. Except hipsters it seems. They're being 'Retro' by liking shit, so I guess it's...is it ironic? Post Modern? No, it's just personal memories from way back being turned into models for coolness, no matter what the subject actually is.

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