Sunday, August 09, 2009

"Germany: Jekyll and Hyde", good book, Fascists

"Germany: Jekyll and Hyde: An Eye-Witness Analysis of Nazi Germany" is the best account of Nazi Germany that I've come across. Written by someone who amazingly stayed from '33 to '39, it dissects it layer by layer, as people have noted. One thing struck me, or has struck me. Actually, several things really struck me but I'll keep to this one right now. It's the notion that the second generation, the people who grew up in Nazi Germany and who were Nazis themselves, were the people who were the biggest zealots.

I say this because I had the unfortunate fortune of meeting someone who was a member of the Fascist youth movement in Italy before and during World War II. The circumstances relating to this are obscure, and I won't get into them. The thing is, that even though nearly sixty years had passed since the end of the war this guy was still a zealot. He still admired Mussolini, still believed that Fascism with a big "F" was a good thing, thought that the U.S. needed a Fascist government etc... I'd be curious to know how many of these people survived and kept the faith as it were in Germany itself. I know that if you go to certain places in Italy it's sort of like Fascism never ended since the amount of former Fascists and young acolytes is so thick.

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