Saturday, August 15, 2009

Look, the coverage of these health care riots is way, way, overblown

Sadly, I checked out the website of fellow ur-blogger Dave Neiwert, and found that all alarms are going off because of these health care town meeting things. While it's disturbing, the idea that we're just around the corner from Fascism is really unfounded. These were small groups of people at small events, comparatively---not exactly an organized Fascist movement. I think that honoring these people by going ape shit crazy is just as harmful as dismissing their presence as not meaning anything. And finally, the notion that by comparing Obama to Hitler they're inciting violence is not credible, and I'll tell you why:

I, and lots of other people, particularly political cartoonists who I like, made similar comparisons to Bush all the time--although mostly in a semi-ironic fashion. The Bush regime as Nazis or Fascists was a theme, a very important theme I might add, that was played lots of times on this website. To my knowledge there were no acts of violence against the Bush administration as a result of all that, and I and others didn't make those comparisons in order to incite violence. To suddenly say that this is the case when the shoe is on the other foot is a dangerous inconsistency, one that you'd have to have been blind for the last four or so years not to see.

I used the comparisons, although when I was serious about it I compared the Bush regime's ideology more to Fascism than to Nazism. I'm not going to turn around and complain about people on the other side who are doing the same things that I did.

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