Monday, August 24, 2009

New Age and social revolution

It seems to me that I read a lot of stuff, or am rediscovering a lot of stuff, from the eighties about the New Age and, while agreeing that some of the things talked about are coming to pass, still believe that Revolution is a necessity. One of the problems in the past seems to have been seeing social progress in relation to these things as being either/or: either everything is New Agey and not Revolutionary or everything is Revolutionary and not New Agey at all. I don't see why both couldn't be true. Most New Age stuff has to do with spirituality and ecological living, while social revolution focusses on the basic social structure of society. The way I see it, you can be for radical change while still, in other areas of your life, being sympathetic to New Age ideas. The problem comes when you try to fuse New Age thought with social Revolution. That gets into bad territory because it weds something that's essentially religious and spiritual with something that has to do with concrete reality right in front of your face. But as long as there's some distance I don't see why the two can't get along.

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