Monday, August 17, 2009

The other side of it

While nice comments are pleasant and provide fuel for working, on the other hand they too can be disheartening. The way they can get to be that way is simple: I've had a lot of praise in other areas of my life with other things, but oh so commonly when it comes to doing anything with work I've produced that might actually cost people something on their bottom lines, i.e. that they'd have to do stuff for beyond just putting nice words out there, suddenly folks back off. It's become almost cliched, and seems to me to be hypocritical in the extreme at this point. You like my work, you really like my work a lot, think it's great, but yet refuse to lift a finger with regards to things like promoting it or distributing it. I feel at this point like telling people who say that about these things to fuck off, quite honestly, and to come back when they actually are willing to back up their words with actions of some sort.

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