Monday, August 31, 2009


I woke up in Montana and am now going to sleep in Minnesota. On my way back to where I lived. Learned some things this trip, for instance that Montana is indeed a state that is very, very, wide, and that North Dakota is actually more settled and hospitable than South Dakota, for some reason. Yesterday I played The Damned's album "Machine Gun Etiquette" for five hours straight on the drive. I think it's a good album. Today, Iggy combined with Bowie and Black Flag predominated. It's a very strange world that we live in.

I've been trying to come up with some sort of scheme about how the U.S. flows from the west coast to the midwest. So far I have the coast itself, then the coastal mountains, then valleys, then interior mountains followed by a Great Basin-esque world of beautiful desolation....then the Rocky Mountains, some more kind of weird hill/mesa business then the Great Plains, followed by the Midwest itself. Maybe when I say Midwest I'm thinking really of the Great Lakes region. Certainly the Great Plains are part of the Midwest.

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