Monday, September 14, 2009

12 year old Yemeni girl dies in labor--why the fuck do we care?

Indeed, this "child bride" story should never have gotten any press. Are we now cherry picking all of the fucked up stuff that happens in corners of the world that we are normally not even cogniscent of and being outraged? A 12 year old girl gets married in Yemen, which is a largely rural, isolated, country south of Saudi Arabia. So what? Are we going to find out that some sort of tribal practice that offensive to us is being practiced by indigenous people in the rainforest of Brazil and suddenly start thumping our chests about the outrage of it? There are people dying right here in the United States, women dying from lack of adequate health care. The child mortality rate in the Bronx is a shameful mark on American society. Yet, what the hell, get upset about a girl dying in Yemen. I don't really care. It's your choice where you want to put your energy.

It's sort of like objecting to clitoridectomy in Africa....which is done and overseen by the elder women of the groups, at least in Senegal. The image of bad men forcing women down and removing their clitori is somewhat of a misnomer, although surely few people in the west would make the choice if they had it.

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