Monday, September 07, 2009

Book Beat!

Oh. My. God. Holy Shit. Book Beat! The famous, or should be famous, book store in the Oak Park suburb of Detroit run by Destory All Monsters member Carey Loren gets better and better the more counter culture bookstores I go to. Last time I was in Detroit was four years ago, and since then I've spent time in Berkeley, visited L.A. and generally stayed on top of political and counter culture trends as best as I can, and BookBeat this time around is still the furthest ahead of the pack in terms of the ideas they've got floating around there, the authors they carry, and the subjects they focus on. You can find stuff from workers' self organization leftism to beat poetry, french avant-garde literature and radical history, to stuff about UFOs and underground comix.

I would hasten to say that they're one of the best bookstores in the U.S. for this kind of thing. And this is after seeing bookstores of this type in New York, New Orleans, Portland, Seattle, the Bay Area, Austin TX, all over Florida, on and on. They normally have a mail order thing linked to their website but their site is currently down because of some technical problem.

That's 248-968-1190 Book Beat, 26010 Greenfield, Oak Park, MI 48237

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