Sunday, September 27, 2009


Being the word scrawled on the murdered census worker in Kentucky. Like Tom Tomorrow, I was sort of leery about writing on this before the story solidified. Even so, he may not have been murdered just because he was an employee of the federal government. The thing is that national forests like the one this guy was found in aren't just the province of left and right wingers who want to get back to nature. They're also where people making meth and growing weed are setting up shop, with the folks growing weed in Kentucky probably not as potentially laid back as people in northern California. Even people in northern California are likely armed to the teeth, but since weed is semi-legal there the pressure isn't the same. And it appears that Kentucky is a sort of boom state for marijuana growing, for some reason. Anyways.

Someone who came up to a door in a national forest where the people involved were making meth, identifying themselves as a census worker from the federal government, may not get a favorable response. The paranoia of the people involved might be fueled by right wing propaganda, but that isn't necessarily the only thing fueling it.

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