Saturday, September 19, 2009

The funny thing is that most white supremacists would have been outcasts in Nazi Germany

Because in large part they would have been seen as too stupid and unsophisticated to be worth anything. The actual Nazi regime, after it seized power, put out a huge propaganda campaign to try to convince the German people that it wasn't composed of thugs like our racist skinheads. Racism was rebranded, as was hatred of democracy and opposition. For example, I'm slowly in the process of translating an official SS publication that presents their official race theory, and it's presented like a high school science textbook. * There aren't any of the vile cartoons and propaganda associated with "Der Stürmer", but instead it tries to make the idea of Nordic supremacy as acceptable as possible. And this was for the people who administered the death camps.

Nazism came out of Fascism, and it used the rhetorical and political strategies of that movement to sell itself. Most neo-nazis in the U.S. are just that way out of shock value, because, hey, the Nazis were really bad people so why not imitate them? Therefore, they're not the threat some people bill them as. The real threat are the neo-Fascists, the people who have really studied the Fascist stream of thought and are capable of articulating it, as opposed to looking like neanderthals while wearing swastika armbands. Folks who are neo-Fascist have a much broader pool of information out there to draw on, with semi-well known intellectuals from the past supporting their ideas. Right wing nativism and ultra-conservatism are threats as well, but there's nothing like a threat that has an ideological underpinning.

* It's being translated slowly because I don't really speak German and am relying on working with dictionaries and online translators in an attempt to get it right

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