Monday, September 28, 2009

Gabriel Kolko: "The United States in Afghanistan"

Good article from CounterPunch Here. An insight from the beginning of the article, an aside really, is that Afghanistan is an artificial creation of the British. Like many African nations, most notably the Congo, that were not actually cohesive countries before colonialism and have since degenerated into chaos, that Afghanistan is synthetic means that there are problems and internal fractures that we in the U.S. are scarcely aware of. Sure, there's tribalism, but right up to the Soviet invasion there was also lots of high culture, with Afghanistan also being a country containing lots of ancient cities and centers. Pakistan was the same way, although the massive immigration of folks from India prior to partition changed that somewhat. But, be that as it may, if there's no historical Afghanistan then there's likely to be not a lot of solutions to internal problems within the context of that nation state. Well, and an unprovoked U.S. invasion too..

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