Saturday, September 26, 2009

I think that I've come to the realization that my digital camera

Is in Butte Montana right now. Oh well. Did I mention that I spent about a day in Bozeman on my way back? Nice college town but unfortunately too "New West" for me. New West refers to a kind of yuppie-fied West, sort of the same trend as that of rich people who fly into Montana, rent SUVs, and then buy a thousand dollars of camping equipment that they don't need and don't know how to use. Who then proceed to explore the wilderness. Seriously, there shouldn't be a frickin' wine bar in a Western town. But surprisingly, or maybe not, the hippie current in Bozeman was strong. Putting a plug out there, "Vargo's Jazz City and Books" proved to be an excellent independent bookstore that could go toe to toe with many of the same in much bigger college towns. I randomly found a memoir by Cinema of Transgression author Nick Zedd there, which says a lot about it (considering that it's more hippy than decadent).

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