Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've learned something very important through this extended trip back home to Michigan and Detroit

The trip, which could be called "Highway M-53 Revisited" (after the Bob Dylan album), has told me that what makes my life work isn't living in Seattle, or having had the good fortune to be around lots of interesting politics, but that what makes it work is me. I've spent a lot of the last ten years on the trail of the best creme de la creme of what I perceive to be the zeitgeist, traveling all across the United States and even to Vienna, visiting really interesting places, convinced that somewhere out there there was this sort of paradise of coolness or higher reality where everyone was in tune with what I was looking for. The truth is that although Seattle is great, that coolness and higher reality is something that I myself have to make, and that there really isn't this paradise out there some place. This is actually a very freeing realization, because it means that I'm not chained to Seattle but can go wherever I want and still do the sort of Work that I want to do. In the end, what folks consider the pinnacle, what their self image of what the pinnacle is, is really something contained in their minds that they have to do the work of realizing themselves.

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