Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just a reminder: comparison of wing nuts outside Obama speeches to people arrested at the G-20 meeting

Particularly the assembly yesterday. If you're a right wing opponent of health care you can walk around with a rifle on your back and/or display "Watering the tree of liberty" signs advocating killing the President and the cops just stand by the sidelines saying that it's your Constitutional right to do so, but if you're assembling on a college campus to protest mistreatment of protesters by police you get dispersed, randomly arrested, and have your ass kicked while you're being arrested? Man, it's good to be a Fascist in this country.

*on edit: Oh, and of course both this assembly and the march where people were arrested were dispersed because they were labeled 'illegal' by the police. Yet it's not illegal to have a handgun on your belt and a sign advocating killing the President when you're outside the venue where he's speaking.

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