Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More on Romanticism, American Tropicalia, and Magical Realism

The goal of all of them, as applied to culture, is to reinscribe culture back onto itself. The truth of the matter is that we've been on the anti-thesis side of things for a long time, negating everything, and now the pieces should be picked up and forged into a new positive series of ideas. But this ain't going to be the Hegelian dialectic but a Nietzschean one, where the products of the negation are themselves used to create positivity. The trick is to find what in the past or in the present is valuable and work with that to produce something new. Culturally, musically, philosophically, what still matters after the sort of withering critique that Nietzschean doubt has unleashed on it all? What do you think survives the test? What's still interesting after radical doubt? There are things, I can guarantee it. There needs to be a surrealist revolution, at least culturally....on top of working class culture.

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