Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ok, here's a simple solution to the problem of Guantanamo: close the fucking thing

It's entertaining to watch mainstream journalists for serious, serious, papers wring their hands over the dilemma of Guantanamo Bay, injecting faked bathos into the mix to make them seem profound. Guantanamo Bay should never have been founded to begin with. If folks were serious, they'd take a look at how these folks would have been treated if Bush hadn't created this black hole for them to slip down. Closing Guantanamo means integrating these folks into the established legal systems that have been established according to international norms. This means admitting that what went on their went way beyond those norms and is in fact reprehensible. I vote for a new war crimes tribunal to investigate the people at Guantanamo Bay who did the interrogations, with justice being served. Ideally, it would be the International Criminal Court, but we've decided not to recognize its authority because, and this is almost an exact quote, Bush and the Congress were afraid that it might prosecute American troops, who would no doubt be unjustly accused by countries harboring some grudge against us. Somehow I don't think that waterboarding people and beating them half to death is something that's being objected to because of some animus towards the U.S. ... unless that animus is in fact generated by our beating people half to death, waterboarding them, and throwing them against walls.

*on edit: when people talk about the dilemma of Guantanamo I sense the covering of one's ass instinct going as strong as can be. Because there's only a dilemma if you believe that some of the basic premises of Guantanamo Bay were legitimate to begin with. If not, then the thing has been illegal from the start and there's therefore much less of a dilemma involved with closing it.

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