Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reading Stokely Carmichael in Seattle, or, ah, Seattle this is how you really are

A memorable experience today reading "Stokely Speaks" in a coffee shop in Seattle. Stokely speaks has a cover with a picture of him angrily gesturing on it. Wonderful book. Anyways, here I am sitting at a coffee shop on Pike and Broadway in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, the gay and entertainment center of the city, and I pull out the book and start reading it, and one of the baristas, a girl who looked to be in high school or just out of it, starts staring at me. Then, she starts loudly making vaguely anti-liberal comments and does so until her boyfriend picks her up. Her shift had ended. How nice. This is liberal Seattle, eh? The place is surrounded by redneck-ia, and lots of those folks work in the city. To give you some context about how absurd this response was, right next door to this coffee shop there's a gay men's community center, and next to that is one of the biggest gay nightclubs in the city. On the other side of it, around the corner since it's on the corner, is an art gallery.

Even here, with liberal Seattle virtually on the door step, fucking conservative morons are there making comments about people and about their reading material when it doesn't float their boat--or when it makes them personally uncomfortable because of racist or otherwise discriminatory tendencies on their part.

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