Saturday, September 05, 2009

This may be a gross generalization, but rebellion:

In kids, not countries, rebellion seems to happen among people who have either too few or too many resources. The people with too few are condemned to a life that's not very interesting or rewarding, and can only change it with extreme effort, so rebellion is attractive. The folks with too many resources think that the concept of rebelling and doing cool things is interesting, and they feel comfortable enough in their situations where they think they can do it without seriously fucking up their lives. Maybe "too many resources" is a misnomer, because these are bourgeois people and not in the main part flighty upper class folks, even though these too do the same thing.

Punk kind of add to the generalization, I've been listening to a lot of punk lately, and it strikes me that lots of it can be boiled down to kids with few resources who wanted to have the same kind of counter culture adventures as their more wealthy brethren of the hippy generation.

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