Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Seattle dates to remember: Octobor 10th and 12th

On the 10th Lydia Lunch performs at the Showbox and on the 12th KMFDM shows up at the Moore Theater.

I'm looking forward to KMFDM, as well as Lunch of course, in part because their lyrical content adds a lot to their already good industrial sound. I saw Front 242 at the Phoenix Underground, or I guess Aboveground now, about four years ago and it was one of the worst shows I've ever been to. One of the reasons no doubt was their lack of any but the most vague and ambiguous lyrics to their songs. The show mostly sucked because it was composed of the two guys who sing doing nothing but sing and one guy in the background triggering MIDI events on a single keyboard. In other words, it wasn't really that much of a live show. There was little innovation or actual variation in the songs and it sounded like I could have gotten a similar experience by buying their new record and listening to it at home. Besides, they had these absurd eurotrash white jumpsuits on. In any case, the ambiguous lyrics didn't help things.

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