Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wisconsin--possibly the Ur-Michigan

The source from where it all comes form. Or, not literallly, but the sort of primal culture that would be around Southeast Lower Michigan if we didn't have some of the pretense that we have. People in Detroit are not pretentious at all, but that's different from not having some kind of accretion of different things going on. If instead of one large city there were instead several smaller ones on the model of Flint and Saginaw I'm convinced that the culture in them would be much more similar to that of Wisconsin than Detroit currently is. We have a little thing called 'history', which changes people's attitudes towards all of culture, we have a Detroit identity. If we were just folks living in the country we would probably be like Wisconsinites, where the slogan goes that it's a land where Harleys roar, Eagles soar, and Packers score.

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