Monday, September 07, 2009

Working class Macomb County

A long, long time ago I lived in the country in northern Macomb County in Michigan, which is the county just north of Detroit, and hung out with wanna be gangsters. They were all white and were reacting against the redneck culture around them by embracing what they felt was the sort of culture that people in the inner city liked. I say 'liked' because they didn't seem to understand that folks in the inner city might not have enjoyed living in an environment where there was lots of drugs and gang violence, and that of course the g-lifestyle of the folks that they idolized came at the expense of those same communities. So far so good, right? I mean that this could be said about many white people of various socio-economic groups who idolized rappers. But in the case of folks living within driving distance of working class suburbs of Detroit, like Warren, that have crime problems, the flawed conception of what life in inner cities is like can and is put into action through the establishment of ties with real drug dealers and gangs in these areas, and the patronage of said persons. Unlike just thinking about it, actually going down into areas that at least in working class Macomb County are still intact in many respects contributes to urban decay. Fucking idiots from the country cruising down to places like Warren and finding drugs pushes the city that much further in the wrong direction. Warren, as well as places like Roseville to the east, are populated by honest working people who want their communities to be safe and prosperous. That is at the heart of what these particular groups of gang and drug tourists don't see.

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