Sunday, October 04, 2009

...And Polanski falls victim to the same hysteria about sex crimes that the whole U.S. has adopted

With Cokie Roberts suggesting that he be taken out and shot. It's interesting that neither Mexico, nor Canada, nor the EU, has the death penalty, but here in the U.S. it's mainstream to advocate summary execution of someone who has committed a particularly bad crime. Polanski is guilty, and like the article says Katrina van den Heuval suggested I don't believe that his status as a great director or as a person who grew up in the Krakow ghetto and had his parents murdered by the Nazis should excuse his behavior. But it seems that folks are willing to set up a regular Volks Court to judge him, the Volks Court being a special court established by Hitler because he believed that even under the Nazi system trials of anti-social elements were too skewed towards the accused. Many of the Volks Court decisions were execution, making sure that justice was being done to those condemned by the State ideology.

The fact that it's pedophilia that Polanski committed, as well as rape, doesn't mean that he shouldn't have rights, like the right not to be treated like he was being held in Asuncion, Paraguay, where the police can beat and hold people without any sort of effective process in place to stop it. And honestly, you know, I think that some of the defense of Polanski isn't special pleading on the part of people who feel that he shouldn't be condemned because he's a great director. Instead, because Polanski is a public figure we're more sensitive to the injustice in our system with regards to these issues, whereas nameless folks fucked over by the system because of the severity of their crimes go mostly unnoticed.

Pedophilia in the U.S. is just another way of promoting paranoia about the bogeyman being out there, some sort of threatening force that justifies people being utterly reactionary in their responses to crime and to society in general. It's easier to complain about pedophiles and the supposed reign of terror created by them than it is to admit that you're really a small minded pseudo-fascist who hides behind your children to justify your opinions.

At one time it was black people who filled the role of paranoia other. And isn't Willie Horton a sex criminal?

Without some devious other lurking out there folks would have to honestly take a look at the world outside of their church, kitchen, and living room and actually address social problems that exist out there instead of in their heads.

And we can't have that.

To sort of top this with a quote, "Real freedom scares you because it means responsibility", so why not dodge that responsibility and instead call for the nuts of the cause celebre of the week?

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