Saturday, October 03, 2009

A difference between me (along with a lot of other people) and many of the '60s activists

Well, a difference is that there have been lots of people who have expressed the opinion that they were clean cut all American kids until they became adults and like a revelation the truth of society came to them, causing them to chuck all of that and become hippies and activists. That doesn't reflect my life. I haven't been a clean cut American kid since I was in elementary school. My experience reflects a position within society that's been either marginal or oppositional since virtually middle school. I didn't have an aha moment, a sort of Buddha moment or a Saul on the the way to Tarsus phenomenon, where I sort of realized just what was going on and got pissed off. Instead, I was pissed off and pissed off and pissed off and gradually moved towards a position where the things that I was studying started to explain things in a more coherent way than before. Sounds hackneyed, like some sort of leftist illusion or bullshit, but hey, I started with alternative culture just like anyone else. I followed conspiracy theories and lots of other things that are more typical and gradually, really gradually, started moving towards less right wing sources, or at least towards conspiracy theories that were more linked to liberalism and then to radicalism until after a while I wasn't dealing with conspiracies anymore but with power and class in society and in the world. Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, the CIA, the CIA and drugs and mind control.It's all real to some extent, but just these things taken alone don't explain the world. I never believed in any of the illuminati bullshit, because beyond the idea of an age old conspiracy of lizard people i sympathized, and sympathize, with a lot of the groups labeled as part of the illuminati like the Masons. Only the sort of Masonry I like is probably unlike what grandpa practices in the lodge. Robert Anton Wilson, who wrote lots of really superfluous books late in life, nailed it in Illuminatus! and other books in saying that a lot of the groups identified with The Conspiracy are actually liberal or progressive in their own way, although neither he nor I lump in the sort of weird occult groups with folks like the Trilateral Commission, at least I hope he wouldn't since I don't think he ever actually mentioned them.

It's funny, Peter Sotos, a guy who writes fiction that's so extreme that lots of folks who normally defend that sort of thing throw up their hands at it...not wanting to sully themselves with being associated with it....has written that he's tried to find these extreme conspiracies that do horrible things to people in order to join them but can't find them.


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