Monday, October 12, 2009

I feel happy for Os Mutantes

They've made it in the U.S. I remember going to see them in Seattle in 2006 when they were playing their initial reunion tour. They only played about five gigs total, and there was little publicity about this particular show. Although the place I saw them at was packed it appeared to mostly be made up of the hard core of fans combined with some folks who saw a little column about them in either the Seattle Weekly or The Stranger and who were curious, not really realizing what night had in store. Now, they've played Bumbershoot, one of the biggest music festivals in Seattle, and are playing lots and lots and lots of gigs all over the country. The breakthrough has been forty years in the making.

I take it as a minor miracle because so often the U.S. music industry and even music fans in general here favor shit over stuff with real substance.

So, thank you Os Mutantes. I hope that you go on to greater successes here.

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