Wednesday, October 28, 2009 increasingly educated population

Buried in an otherwise good story published in the Seattle PI about migration to high tech cities like Seattle and Portland is the observation that the U.S. is "becoming increasingly educated." I dispute that. The United States is becoming a place where lots of people have a smattering of education, not a place that's very educated, and many of those college graduates don't know shit, quite frankly. American higher education has been dumbed down by the push to get absolutely everyone and his brother into college. Professors were complaining about this over a decade ago, and it most likely hasn't gotten any better. College is now a surrogate in some sense for the last year of high school, and in Europe the first year of college stands for the traditional second year of college here, meaning that some college freshman in our soon to be educated population are three years behind their European counterparts. You can wrap it up and call it college, and give someone a diploma, but that doesn't mean that they're really educated.

The reason for it, in my opinion, is money money money. Anyone with any cash wants their child to go to college, and they're willing to lie and cheat to get them in there, whether it means paying for courses on how to cheat on the SAT and ACT or even trying to go the distance and manufacture a learning disability that will allow their kid to take an easier version of all the tests. Money speaks to colleges, too, and although these scions of bourgeois idiocy, of people as dumb as stumps with pockets full of cash, don't have much going for them smarts wise they can enrich the schools they go to mightily. So they're admitted, people are subjected to outrageous idiots who don't care about anything besides drinking and partying in their classrooms, and everyone graduates with a degree that means nothing.

Happy higher education, folks. The philistine bourgeoisie triumphed over actual standards, creating a "Triumph of the Swill" more powerful than whatever illusions people once had about "The Masses" gaining power. Never underestimate the power of a hundred thousand small business owners whose idea of intellectual culture is the comics section in the paper. "The Masses" are not and have not ever really been the problem, it's these fucks. The petty bourgeois lifestyle is an anachronism that needs to be skewered on a stake and let die slowly and publicly. The workers deserve the power in society. The power to be Decadent if they want as well.

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