Sunday, October 04, 2009

Interesting thing about Mormons and Polygamy

Is that it's not something that just happens because people want it to happen, because they want more women to sleep with, but because group marriage is associated with the final stage of attainment in Mormon theology. The Telestial marriage is kind of an ultimate sacrifice, I gather, for folks to be reborn into a sort of loving restored Christian community. Folks who are called to it and do it are entitled to the top part of the Mormon cosmos in the afterlife. I'm not Mormon and so could be wrong on some of this, but I'm confident that in broad details this is an accurate statement.

*on edit: doing a quick search, wow, I was wrong about the terminology there. It turns out that Telestial Marriages in Mormonism are general marriages that are really bad and abusive, and so are on the bottom of the heap. Celestial marriage would be the one I'm talking about.

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